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2009 Twelve Tone Turnaround Three. 8'
for De Jongens Driest & Galway's Con Tempo Quartet.

2008 - 2009 Ousmania. 25'
for Ousman.

2005 - 2007 Backyard visions. 45'
for the Ammerlaans Band.
see Bands.

2007 10 pieces. 40'
for Mr. Genius.
see Bands.

2006 Switch. 5'30
for De Jongens Driest and the CWO fanfare orchestra.
commissioned by: 'Fonds voor de Scheppende Toonkunst' (F.v.d.S.T.)
De Jongens Driest and theFanfareorchestra CWO.
Live at the Mundial Festival 2006, Tilburg.

2005 Songs by coincidence. 80'
soloprogramm for el. bass and samples.
see Discography.

2005 Interference II. 7'
for De Jongens Driest and the CWO fanfare orchestra.

2004 More senutA. 40'
jazz/popimprovisations for tbn, gtr, keyb, drums, bass and samples.
Wolter Wierbos - trombone
Hans Kaldeway - keyboards, vocals
Dick Rusticus - guitar
Jeroen van Olphen - drums, vocals
Gerard Ammerlaan - el.bass

2003 Eastgate - Alien Visitors 75'
jazz/popimprovisations for 2 voc, 2 gtr, groovebox, keyb, drums, bass.
see Discography.

1996 Third stream, first love. 100'
lyrics - Jo Willems
for mezzo-soprano and septet.
see Discography.

1996 Grasduinen . 45'
improvisations for different jazzorchestra line ups.

1994 Hals over kop . 25'
for accordion-orchestra, carillon.
commissioned by: Centre Culturel Francais/Grand Theatre, Groningen.

1992 Noorderzon. 150'
for octet.
see discography.

1990 Roots. 45'
improvisations for harp and double bass.
photo Anko C. Wieringa (ACW ) Marjet van Bergen - harp
Gerard Ammerlaan - double bass
Live at Feerwerd church, Jazzfietstour 1990, Groningen.

1989 3rd edition. 120'
for soprano, improvisation-ensemble and stringquartet.
photo ACW
Jannie Pranger - voc
Frans Vermeerssen - tenorsax.
Kees Post - keyb.
Piet Hoeksma - gtr
Michael Gustorff, Renske Entrop - vln
Peter Hogerheyde - vla
Jet Planken - vlc.
Gerard Ammerlaan - bass
Hans Hoeksema - perc.
GAO 3rd edition live at the Bimhuis, Amsterdam 1989

1988 Time spenders. 140'
for jazzquartet.
see Discography.

1987 Whatever you thought, it should be. 60'
for improvisation-orchestra.

1986 Mr. Laughland's memorable journey . 60'
improvisation suite for soprano and octet.
commissioned by: NPS.

1986 What life. 30'
suite for improvisation-orchestra and stringquartet.

1985 Reflections of a time being . 60'
for improvisation-orchestra.
commissioned by: Gemeente Groningen.

photoACW Frans Vermeerssen, Jan Schoenmaker - altosax.
Johan Huizing, Miguel Martinez - tenorsax.
Alan Laurillard - baritonsax.
Freek Bakker, Jannie Pranger - tpt
Wolter Wierbos, Herman Koster, Arnout Arntz - tbn.
Piet Hoeksma - gtr
Gerard Ammerlaan - bass
Charles Huffstadt - drs
special guest Tom Varner:

GAO live at the Jazzmarathon 1985, Groningen.

special projects:

2008 Backyard Visions - A Music Experience. 110'
for mezzosoprano, improvisation ensemble, brassband, choir and samples.
commissioned by: F.v.d.S.T.

Premiere: 10 augustus 2008.
Watervloot 2 - Hoogezand:
Lucia Meeuwsen - mezzosopraan
Ammerlaans Band
Provinciale Brassband Groningen
Backyard Choir

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Backyard Visions - A Music Experience
Noorderzon, Groningen. 26-08-2008
Photo's Peter de Kan


2008 Steaming & Burning. 2x 30'
Human & Machine, Composition & Improvisation

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Steaming & Burning has been realised by cooperation of the Twents Techniekmuseum, the two composers Gerard Ammerlaan en Frans Vermeerssen, and ArtEZ Hogeschool voor de Kunsten (Enschede, Zwolle en Arnhem).

Compositions en improvisations for the machines/engines of the Twents Techniekmuseum te Hengelo with:
Nina van der Leest - vocals
Suzanne Bartelt - vocals
Edita Karkoschka - vocals
Eva Cottin - violin
Lutz Streun - tenorsax.
Tim Coehoorn - guitar
Christian Finzel - guitar
Dino Spiri - laptop
Antoine Duykers - drums


2006 RTH. 37'
for soprano, brassband, el. gtr, laptop musician en mixer.
commissioned by: Pavlov Media, Groningen.
composition for a concert on four rooftops around the location RO/EZ Zuiderdiep, Groningen. This composition is enriched with glitches and sounds of the laptop composer Stephane Leonard.
Line up:
laptop composer - Stephane Leonard
mezzo soprano - Elisabeth Wieling
el. gtr – Dick Rusticus
Provinciale Brassband Groningen dir. by Sietse Hamersma
final mix: Gerard Ammerlaan
technicians: Niels Steenstra, Arthur de Jong and Willem Schiermeier


2005 Welvaart Suite . 40'
for the official opening of Welvaart Groningen.
commissioned by: Guardia Producties
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from rapper to classical soprano, from scrap iron percussion to African drums, from choir to clarinets relay race, from singing saws to brassband and from brassprocession to balconyguitars. The Welvaartsuite is a musical waterballet of completely different sounds, the main drive is the rhythmic pitch of a 1 cylinder Kromhout ship's engine.
Provinciale Brassband Groningen dir. by Sietse Hamersma
Marcel van der Sluis - tpt, Bauke Kalma - tbn
Dick Rusticus, Bert Heikema - el.gtr
Welvaart Klarinet Kwintet
Sandviekens Troost
Afr. perc. dir. by Pape Seck
Scrap iron perc. dir. by Tjisse Ype de Jong
Het Groninger Welvaart Koor dir. by Hans Kaldeway (special thanks to Jo Willems for the text “Die Blauwe Schuite”)
Sjoukje Kooistra - soprano
Stephan Janssen - rap
Sven - human beatbox
the “Vertrouwen” skipper Ruut Louwers
(Using the 'Kromhout' is an idea of Hans Hoeksema)

photo DvhN
Concept/Production: Guardia Producties
Technical dir: Han Kortekaas
Artistic dir. and composition: Gerard Ammerlaan
Manufucturer: Niels Niemeijer

1996 Inter canem et lupum . 37'
for soprano, brass-band, pipe-band, Westafrican perc. trio, tenorsax. and el. gtr.
For the official opening of the festival "A star is born."
commissioned by: Stichting Prime, Groningen.
1996 Flavio's epilogue. 7'
text - Jo Willems.
A comment added to Bellini's opera "Norma" on behalf of the open-air performance at the centre of Groningen, the Grote Markt.
for tenor, male choir, marimba, piano, 4 violins, 2 double basses.
commissioned by Huub van het Hek

see Discography.

opera - musictheatre:

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2010De Vliegende Hollander van Appingedam, part 2. 60'
tekst - Jo Willems
direction - Ben Smit
for soprano, bariton, choir and orchestra.
Theatre at location on and round the Damsterdiep, Appingedam
Commissioned by: Stichting Aa, Groningen.
Première August 31, 2010

2009 De Vliegende Hollander van Appingedam. 60'
tekst - Jo Willems
direction - Ben Smit

for soprano, bariton, choir, 3 violoncelli, improvisation orchestra, churchorgan and soundfiles. Theatre at location on and round the Damsterdiep, Appingedam
Commissioned by: Stichting Aa, Groningen.
Première September 3, 2009

2003 Stundenlang. Die Alzheimerdreivierteltaktoper. 45' libretto - Jo Willems.
for 4 soloists, pno, vln, vla, vlc.
commissioned by: 6 Tage Oper, Düsseldorf and Stichting Aa, Groningen.

A short chamber-opera in the German language.
The opera is produced for the 6 Tage Oper 2004,
Düsseldorf and has been performed at the Noorderzon Festival, Groningen 2004.
Rheinische Kliniken, Düsseldorf
11 februari 2004
Bianca von Zambelly mezzosoprano - Frau Schramm, the mother
Ulrike Eitel mezzosoprano - Margarethe Schramm, the daughter
Theo van Gemert bariton - Karl, clinic-occupant
Ulrich Gentzen tenor - Rudolph, clinic-occupant
Christiaan Mooij - direction
Hans Kaldeway - music direction, piano
Christiane Behringer - violin
Stanislaus Matters - viola
Frans Hameleers - violoncello
Stichting Aa - production
Jo Willems - artistic director
Diederik van der Meide - producer
published by Stichting Aa, Groningen

2002 de Satansfles. 105'
libretto - J. Willems.
Melodramatic opera in 2 acts for 6 soloists and orchestra.
F.v.d.S.T. and the Eduard van Beinum Stichting.

Stadsschouwburg Groningen
20 september 2002
Romain Bischoff
Alexander Oliver
Irene Maessen
Young Hee Kim
Lucia Meeuwsen
Charles Hens
Dance - Henley Smith, Karim el Guennouni
Ensemble Flash
direction - Niels Muus
Direction and choreography - Javier López Piñón
Artistic dir. - Jo Willems
Production - Diederik van der Meide
published by donemus

1997 Van alle tijden, van alle streken. (Reinaert-opera) 120' libretto - J. Willems.
Opera composed in cooperation with colleague's Jacob ter Veldhuis en Boudewijn Buckinx, for 12 soloists, choir and chamber-orchestra.

Opera in 3 acts about the adventures of Reinaert the Fox
TransFerium Groningen
Middelstum, Borg Ewsum
Groningen, Grote Markt
28 mei 1998
Ludwig van Gijsegem
Esthelle Linssen
Frans Fiselier
Sander Heutinck
Ingrid Stijsiger
Astrid Vrensen
Anton Saris
Esther Been
Pedro Ormazabal
Diana Verdoodt
Harald Quaden
Paul Herruer
Music direction - Leendert Runia
Orchestra - het NNO/Reinaert Ensemble
Direction - Javier López Piñón
Direction Mazeltjes Droom - Ben Smits
Artistic dir. - Jo Willems
Production - Geert Lameris
published by donemus

1995 Ontstaan in grote nood. (Werkman-opera) 120'
libretto - J. Willems.
choreography - Pieter de Ruiter
Opera for 5 soloists, choir, orchestra and improvisation-ensemble.

Opera in 2 acts
About the life and works of visual artist Hendrik Nicolaas Werkman.
Stadsschouwburg Groningen
29 juni 1995
Hubert Claessens
Frank van Aken
Irene Maessen
Jannie Pranger
Lucia Meeuwsen
Direction - Jan Bouws
Music direction - Roland Kieft
Dance - Pieter de Ruiter, Saskia Matern, Daniela Graça
Orchestra - NNO and improvisation ensemble
Artistic dir. - Jo Willems
Producer - Geert Lameris
Production - stichting Aa
published by donemus

contemporary composed :

2009 Sinnlieder. 14'
Rewritten songs from 1998
for soprano, flute, piano and violoncello
Lyrics (German) - Jo Willems

Irene Maessen - soprano
Eleonore Pameijer - flute
Marja Bon - piano
Stephan Heber - violoncello
First performance: 2009 October 19, Uilenburger Synagoge, Amsterdam

2003 Carrousel. 10'
concert for orchestra
Noord Nederlands Orkest, dir: Henk Meutgeert.
Live at the Oosterpoort, Groningen, 2003.
published by donemus

1999 Aeon. 23'
for stringquartet.
commissioned by: Stichting Middeleeuwse Kerken, Groningen.

Mondriaan Kwartet - Jan Erik van Regteren Altena, Edwin Blankenstijn: vln, Annette Bergman: vla, Eduard van Regteren Altena: vlc.
Live at Garnwerd church, Jazzfietstour 1999, Groningen.

1998 World in memory. 18'
for saxophone-quartet.
published by donemus

1998 Erwartung, sieben Lieder. 27'
lyrics - Jo Willems
for soprano, harpkoto, violoncello.

1998 Ultima Thule. 105'
concert for el. guitar and orchestra.

1996 Common senses. 25'
concert for double bass and stringorchestra.

Nederlands Jeugd Strijkorkest, dir: Roland Kieft, double bass: Wilbert de Joode.
Live at the Concertgebouw, Amsterdam 1997.

published by donemus

1993 Divertimento. 20'
for stringquartet.

Mondriaan Kwartet.
Live at Garnwerd church, Jazzfietstour 1999, Groningen.

film & theatre:

2003 Singing Portrets. 10'
for choir.
Performed at the
exhibition of Koos Lina in Kunstonderneming Oosterkade, Groningen.

2000 Santolima/Niccar. 13'
Filmmusic for bassclarinet, trumpet, keyboard/samples and viola.
commissioned by: Stichting Mista'peo, Amsterdam.

1993 Een zout raam. 30'
for theatre of Stichting Holle Vaten
Direction - Vincent Alders
Text - Harriët van Reek
Players - Jitka lejdarová , Jelmer Dijkstra, Maricée Ten Bosch
Bass - Jelmer Dijkstra
Bassoon - Maricée Ten Bosch

1992 Het Groningen van Klompien. 20'
for double bass.
Composition for the documentary about the life and works of Marten Klompien, visual artist.
commissioned by: Stichting Beeldlijn.

1992 Eendagskind. 30'
for theatre of Stichting Holle Vaten
Direction - Vincent Alders
Text - Margriet Heijmans
Players - Marion Juch , Paula Houben , Lydia Slier
Violin, accordion - Paula Houben
Vocals, keyboard - Lydia Slier

1991 De Zucht. 40'
for theatre of Stichting Holle Vaten
Direction - Vincent Alders
Scenery - Nico Parlevliet
Percussion - Jeroen van Olphen
Vocals, multi-instumentalist - Pol Wijnberg
Players - Aernoudt Carlier , Jan Stolk